Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the current turn around time?

  • 4-5 weeks (ONLY) business days, if not sooner!  Each and every item is handmade to order with high quality fabrics 

Do you offer returns?

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer returns due to the items being made to order, specifically for our customers. But if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. 
What are “drops?”
  • Drop days refer to when items are being “dropped” into the website, also known as new releases. Drop days are usually every Friday/Sunday at 7pm CST. 

What sizes do you have and do they fit true to size?

  • We will always have 0-3 to 5T always. Occasionally we may offer larger sizes ranging all the way up to 9/10 child. 
  • TTS May vary due to the style of the item. Always double check the size guide on every listing.